mardi 18 décembre 2007

Buell Race Contingency Program

Buell Motorcycle Company has announced an expanded race contingency program for 2008. The enhanced program will pay cash to Buell racers competing in:

- Championship Cup Series (CCS)
- American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)
- SunTrust MOTO-ST Series
- American Sportbike Racing Association Pro (ASRA Pro)
- Western Eastern Racers Association (WERA) National Challenge Sprints
- American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM)
- Willow Springs Motorcycle Club (WSMC)
- Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA)
- American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA)
- NEW: Central Roadracing Association (CRA)
- NEW: All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA)
- NEW: Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA)

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