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Cycle World/Ride for Kids

Cycle World/Ride for Kids–Win this bike: Gregg’s Customs Honda CB1000RFK
by Mark Hoyer

Gregg DesJardins (left) and Kyle Clack at the unveiling of "Catalyst," the Ride for Kids giveaway bike.

“Catalyst,” the 2010-11 Cycle World Ride for Kids giveaway bike made its debut at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo, November 19.

Built by Gregg’s Customs, the machine started as a CBR1000RR donated by American Honda, long-time supporters of RfK. Gregg DesJardins based the color scheme on that used for Freddie Spencer’s 1981 factory Honda superbike, hand-forming the sidepanels and front “numberplate” from aluminum. Other trick bits are Sato rearsets, Roland Sands Design wheels with custom powder-coat, RSD bar risers, and a trick Leo Vince slip-on silencer in a design otherwise exclusive to the Team Jordan Suzuki AMA SuperBike team. The license-plate holder is Frenched in, as are the turnsignal lights. Gregg’s Customs billet logos grace the fuel tank.

“‘Catalyst’ is spectacular!” said Kyle Clack of Ride for Kids. “Gregg DesJardins did an awesome job, and it could be yours for $5.” Tickets are available at the the International Motorcycle Shows (see for the full schedule) and at

Front "numberplate" integrates headlight and was hand formed from aluminum.

Oh, metalflake! Freddie Spencer's 1981 Honda Superbike colors updated for the CB1000RFK.

Leo Vince slip-on pipe allows the RSD wheel to shine through.

Photos by Robert Pandya

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