dimanche 26 août 2012

The new Horex

Here it is! A compact, perfectly-balanced roadster with unique VR technology and a self-assured, clean design. This bike radiates a sense of vitality, dynamism and raw power.

The heart of the new HOREX is the VR6 engine, the world's first and only motorcycle power plant to use this space-saving cylinder configuration. With a width of only 429 millimeters measured at the cylinder head, the VR6 is as narrow and compact as most four-cylinder engines. But that's not the only unique feature. Thanks to its exceptionally wide torque band, the VR6 delivers amazingly smooth and consistent power at low engine speeds – a real advantage on the road! Prodigious performance in all situations and precision handling open a new dimension in two-wheel riding pleasure.

An exceptional motorcycle demands an exceptional engine. The new Horex delivers smooth acceleration powered by a 1200 cc VR six-cylinder engine. Thus, the new HOREX offers a remarkably wide engine speed range combined with impressive power well below the redline. Thanks to the VR cylinder layout this powerhouse is extremely compact measuring a mere 429 mm width at the cylinder head. This makes the VR6 as narrow and compact as most four-cylinder motorcycle engines.

The radically new design of the new HOREX six-cylinder VR engine represents a milestone in modern motorcycle engineering. The patented HOREX VR6 developed specifically for two-wheel vehicles is currently the world's only motorcycle engine that uses this space-saving cylinder configuration.

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