samedi 19 juin 2010

Introducing the new Horex

People, courage, legend: Introducing the new Horex

The historic Horex brand is back – with a new bike that will be unveiled at a world premiere media event in Munich on June 15th 2010. One of the unique features of the new roadster is its powerful, 1200 cc supercharged VR6 engine – unprecedented in the motorcycle world. The engine's technology for motorcycles was developed and patented by Clemens Neese, CEO of the newly formed Horex GmbH based in Garching near Munich. The new Horex will be manufactured in Germany beginning at the end of 2011. It will initially be marketed as a premium segment bike in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Machine: Unique, powerful, confident

The heart of the new Horex is the VR six-cylinder engine. With a width of only 429 millimeters measured at the cylinder head cover, the VR6 is as narrow and compact as many four-cylinder
engines. But that's not the only unique feature. Thanks to an exceptionally wide torque range and a direct drive radial supercharger, the power of the VR6 unfolds smoothly and evenly at
low engine speeds. This configuration is new and unique in the motorcycle world. A long list of innovations and uncommon solutions, including the first belt-drive in this performance class,
an advanced cooling system and an ergonomically contoured bridge frame with pressurized gas channel, underscore the bike's unique character. The new Horex also goes its own way when it comes to design. Based on classic motorcycle icons, the new German bike is interpreted in a modern design language with clean lines, premium quality materials, and close attention to
brand-specific details.

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