dimanche 4 juillet 2010

MV AGUSTA "Cool Brand 2010"

MV Agusta was declared one of the "Cool Brands 2010" within the programme planned by the English company Superbrands. What was the objective? To identify the trendy brands according to the perception of consumers and opinion leaders.

In the fourth edition of the competition, MV Agusta was deemed as one of the trendiest brands in the two-wheeled market.
MV Agusta is the most exclusive brand for excellence, highlighted by the most prestigious awards and by the achievement of 75 World Championship titles. It is not only a great company but a myth travelling on two wheels riding into future and creating great enthusiasm among the most demanding motorcyclists thanks to bikes of extraordinary performance, real works of art of design and technology.
For this reason MV Agusta is "Cool Brand 2010".

Starting from an initial list of 1.000 brands, the "coolest" brands are subject to a popular vote through our website and various media circuits. The most well-known brands are chosen by the influential Cool Brands Council, the committee composed of marketing, communication, press, and artistic leading characters.

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